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Find out how Pranamat ECO can help you

Pranamat ECO brings you acupressure massage that is clinically-proven to significantly relieve pain in the body. The Pranamat ECO set is made up of the Pranamat ECO mat and the Pranamat ECO pillow. It stimulates the production of endorphins, which bind to the μ-opioid receptors in the brain and are powerful, natural pain-killers. Endorphins also improve your sleep and make you feel happy.

This holistic approach to health creates a positive feedback loop between physical and mental well-being. Pranamat ECO is made from all-natural coconut, linen and cotton fibers, so it is kind to your skin. It is a powerful tool to improve your outlook. Just a few minutes each day with Pranamat ECO can revolutionize your health and empower you to live your life to its full potential.

Back pain

97 15 min

Reduced muscle tension and spasms in the back area

For back pain

97% of people noticed a complete disappearance or significant reduction of their pain.*

For lower back pain

95% of clients said that they noticed significant relief or complete disappearance of lower back pain.**

For pinched nerves

Reduces inflammation, relieves pain


95 15 min

Reduced excitability and improved quality of sleep

For migraines

There is no better way to relieve pain

For tension headaches

Relieves muscle tension in the neck, improves blood micro circulation

For cluster headaches

This type is intense and feels like a burning or piercing pain behind or around one eye

Pain in the legs and cellulite

93 15 min

Saw increased blood flow to problem areas

For cellulite

90% of clients noticed a visible improvement in the smoothness and fairness of their skin.**

For pain in the legs

Relieves muscle tension in the legs, improves blood micro circulation

Leg Pain

83% of customers reported relief from pain, tension and cramps in their legs.**

Pranamat ECO Mat & Pranamat ECO Pillow – perfect match

After 30 days of using Pranamat our clients acknowledge:


Reduced back tension


Improved sleep


Boost of energy


Became less stress exposed


Fully got rid of back pain


Decreased level of tiredness


Rarely have headaches


Dr. Hina J. Cheema, MD


It has been life-changing so far as it helps to relieve my backpain and stress so easily and effectively. This mat & pillow set provides you acupressure massage by digging into your cells and muscles with thousands of petals or spikes. This improves your local blood and lymph flow, also oxygenates your cells and triggers endorphins which makes it a natural painkiller. I perform surgeries one day a week. My schedule is usually packed with back to back surgeries. Which I LOVE, because I absolutely love operating. However, it does take a toll on my back. I used to just go to my call room after every surgery (of course, after the coffee ) to lie down. It was helpful but never enough. #Pranamat has become my personal masseur which I can use whenever. I still go back to my call room to lie on this but 15 min of it works magic on my back. I wish I had it postpartum!