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How to care of your massage set?

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Your PRANAMAT ECO was made to stand the test of time. Here are some tips to take care of it through the years. Just like it takes care of you. This short guide will show you exactly how to maintain your PRANAMAT ECO to extend its life well past the warranty period.

Tips for a happy PRANAMAT ECO

Avoid drying your PRANAMAT ECO in direct sunlight, otherwise the beautiful bright hue of your massage set will fade away.

Store your PRANAMAT ECO flat in the Big Bag, hang it in your closet on a hanger or put it under the bed or in a drawer laid flat.

Please do not put your PRANAMAT ECO in the washing machine as it doesn’t like it. Handwash the covers in a mild detergent.

Keep your precious PRANAMAT ECO away from moisture, dust, dirt, kids, pets and direct sunlight.

You can periodically sprinkle the lotus spikes with a mild disinfectant between washes.

Please don’t fold the mat in half as this may damage the lotus spikes. We recommend storing flat. 

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Step 1–Gently remove the coconut fiber filler from linen and cotton covers
Step 2 – Hand-wash your PRANAMAT ECO covers in lukewarm water with mild detergent
Step 3–Gently sweep over the lotus spikes with a soft brush
Step 4 – Leave the covers to air-dry naturally
Step 5 – Re-insert the coconut fiber, and you’re ready for another massage session!

For the Pillow, please place the buckwheat hulls in a dry jar/box/bag for safekeeping during cleaning.

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